Bisi Adewale


couple on holiday

  • There are things to manage well in marriage if people involved must be at peace .Failure to do this may spell doom on the marriage no matter how strong it may look.THINGS TO HANDLE WISELY
  • Money-Money can be a blessing to a family and it can be an agent of destabilisation, hence, we must handle it wisely. Be open to each other about your income, plan together, spend together, and never allow money to separate you. Selfishness, stinginess, unfaithfulness, lying, deceit should not be allowed in your marriage; they give room for the enemy to come into the home, so let there be openness, generousity, truthfulness, faithfulness and trust . Use money as a tool to improve your marriage, never allow the enemies to use it against you, handle money wisely.
  • Conflict– Conflict is another thing you must handle with wisdom and patience. There will always be misunderstanding, there will always be conflict but you must handle yours with prayer and care, lest it destabilizes your home. Avoid doing or saying things that will have lasting negative impact; use conflict to improve your marriage, use it to connect with your spouse, use it as a stepping stone not a stumbling block, be positive, be open, be patient and be careful.
  • In-Laws –In-Laws should be handled with care and wisdom, they are part of our daily life. They can be the positive or negative types. They can be loving or wicked, caring or bossy, a plus or a minus. No matter what they are, the onus is on us to use them to build our homes instead of allowing them to destroy our family.
  • Third parties-Apart from in-laws, third parties like friends, neighbors and family members must be handled with shrewdness. They must not be allowed to run the affairs of our family for us.
  • Children-We must be astute in dealing with children. We must train them in the way of the Lord, and bring them to the knowledge of Christ. Virtues of responsibility, honesty, diligence, focus, love, generousity, prudence, loyalty, patriotism, faithfulness should be taught and be inculcated in them.


  • You can’t go farther than your wisdom can carry you
  • If you fail to apply wisdom, you will fail
  • You can only get the kingdom by wisdom
  • A wise woman is a wife; a foolish woman is a divorcee in the making.
  • You can’t make your marriage work through anointing; you only make it work by wisdom.
  • Wisdom is to marriage, what engine is to a car.
  • There is no bad wife or husband anywhere; you can only have foolish ones.
  • What ever cannot be done by wisdom cannot be done at all.
  • What nagging and fighting cannot do, wisdom and knowledge will not fail to do.
  • When you know what it takes, you will take what you know.
  • When you know how, you will get there.
  • Strength will definitely fall but wisdom succeeds in all things
  • The quality of your marriage is a direct result of your wisdom.
  • When you are rooted in wisdom, you will have a rooted home.
  • When a man and his wife are fighting, foolishness is their referee.
  • Big head, fat pocket and beauty do not determine marital success. What determines marital success is sound mind, yes, wisdom.
  • There is no excuse for foolishness.THINGS TO HANDLE WISELY