Showering Your Marriage With Love


Showering Your Marriage With Love

Bisi Adewale

Showering Your Marriage With Love

Marriage like every human being cannot survive without water.The water of marriage is love that is why marriage must be showered with love so as to gets better.Showering Your Marriage With Love

1. Responsibility: Take responsibility for the state of your marriage. Stop the 'blame game'; say

"it is me. Yes, it is my fault". If I change, he or she will change.

2. Decision Taking: Take a firm decision to stop the downward spiral of your marriage. Never

wait for your spouse to take decisions, you take the lead. The more mature person among you

should be the first to do that. Are you? Then go ahead; apologise, break the malice, make a

positive move, call for reconciliation, let there be ceasefire and let there be truce. Put the devil to

shame.Showering Your Marriage With Love

3. Promote Happiness: Do everything you know to promote the happiness and well-being of your

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marriage. No matter what, lift your marriage from the state of despair to happiness. Do anything

you can do to make your mate a happy man or woman.

4. Value Your Mate: Give high value to your mate, and make this known to him or her always.

Help your mate to improve his or her self-esteem. Give honour, recognition, respect;

communicate your high regards in secret and in public with your words, actions and reactions.

5. Give Quality Appreciation: Emotional health and relationship can be destroyed without

appreciation. Appreciation makes your spouse to feel he or she is worth something, and that their

work is being recognized. Every human being desires to be appreciated, give it to your spouse.

Do it now!Showering Your Marriage With Love

6. Value Your Time Together: Do everything you can to be together. Avoid the television,

phone, computer and avoid the newspaper just to be together.


7. Give attention: Never ignore your spouse, give 100% attention; attend to him or her.

8. Give Affection: Show love, say it, do it, do not give him or her any reason to doubt whether

you love him or her. Showering Your Marriage With Love
9. Be a Creative Lover: Show your love in creative ways, improve your love intelligence, do

things to surprise your spouse; this will help to nurture your marriage.Showering Your Marriage With Love