The Principle Of Leaving And Cleaving (Part 2)

The Principle Of Leaving And Cleaving (Part 2)

Bisi Oludare


The first part introduced us to what the originator of marriage meant when he said ‘LEAVE & CLEAVE’ and we saw how the ‘C’ difference between leave and cleave can make or mar a Marriage.
Now we will look into this Cs one after the other.

1. Communication: the soul and heart beat of any successful marriage is effective communication and this must not be lacking in your marriage. Not just about talking but about passing and receiving information which involves a speaker and a hearer. Communication is a dialogue between the two of you which has a great positive and negative effect on how your marriage will turn out. It is actually meant to be positive, but, depending on how the speaker passes the information and how it’s received by the hearer.
In communication, effective listening is also paramount because if the hearer isn’t attentive, it could cause problem if he/She misinterpretes a particular word from the speaker. So, in order to prevent quarrel and get the best from communication in marriage, the speaker must speak without ambiguity and the hearer must pay utmost attention – with no distraction at all.


Guidelines To  Effective Communication:

1. Let all phones, television, radio and other gadgets that could disturb be switched off.

2. Let the discussion be between two people and your God being the third in your midst.

3. As the speaker, choose your words with care.

4. Never attack personality but discuss the issue at hand.

5. Make sure you’re talking closely; closely in heart and no form of physical distance.

6. Even when you’re annoyed, never shout on your spouse. Be calm and try to smile while passing your message.

7. Choose the time and place of discussion wisely. Mood matters, it affects how you pass across your message and how it will be received by your spouse.

8. Even with a serious matter at hand, still talk with humour in your tone.

9. As the hearer, never preempt your spouse. You may be wrong after all. Allow him/her to speak, make sure you nod as a sign that you’re following and don’t interrupt. Respond in love too

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10. Most importantly, do not forget the golden rule “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WILL WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU.” Bear in mind that your spouse is yourself, so, speak to him the way you want to be spoken to. MATTHEW¬†7:12

The Principle Of Leaving And Cleaving (Part 2)