Parenting: What Are Your Goals?


Bisi Adewale
We often know our career, financial, and life goals, but it is rare to have parents who have clear written goals for their children and work towards fulfilling them.
If you ask most parents what their parenting goal is, they may end up telling you something like this, “I want my children to be good, to travel abroad, to be a Doctor, Engineer or Lawyer. I want them to build their own houses, have big cars, have Doctorate degrees, become Governors of our states, have private jets, have a company of their own that is worth billions of naira or dollars, etc”.
While these aspirations are good for our children, they are inappropriate goals, or better still, they should be secondary goals. If you miss the primary goals, your children may never attain your secondary goals for them.

As good as secondary goals are, primary goals are the main thing that will make the secondary goal(s) productive. Primary goals are the crux and what will make your children the best in everything you want for them. Here are some of the very important Primary goals that must be in place for your children’s all round prosperity;

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The first goal must be for them to know, love, fear and serve God. Their lives must be totally devoted to the Lord. So you need to train them in the way of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6)

Another important goal is to train them to have good and great character that their colleagues can emulate. They must be trustworthy, humble, respectful, know how to say sorry, thank you and above all, they must be trained to place value on people. LET THEM KNOW THAT PEOPLE ARE TO BE LOVED AND THINGS ARE TO BE USED NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

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