Avoid Jane Fonda’s Regret


While she has earned rave reviews and two Academy Awards in her acting career, Jane Fonda, who turned 75 on Dec. 21, is the first to admit she has made some big mistakes in her life. Miss Fonda has written that her three failed marriages were efforts to resolve her relationship with her father. She says all three men dominated her, much as her cold father,Henry Fonda, did. “Until age sixty I never had enough self-confidence to feel validated unless I was with a man,” she wrote in her memoirs.

What do you want to write in your memoirs at old age?I think you deserve 100% Marriage.

There are a lot of lessons to learn from Fonda’s life as parents and as a girl child.

Parents should note that they are the first teacher of their children, if the children especially the girl didn’t get approval from the house, she gets it from the wrong quarters and it might later affect her in an irreparable way.


As a Father, be loving, caring and approachable. Don’t be a tiger at home, not the Lion of the tribe of your family, terrorizing them all the time. Whatever you are presently doing to your wife, the children are watching it and they will unconsciously imbibe that culture you are showing to them. Be an epitome of what you want them to be later in life. You and their mother are the mirror they are looking at to pattern their lives after. Live well and live intentionally so that you will a proud Parent tomorrow.

As a girl child, stop looking for acceptance from every dick and harry that come your way. They will take you for granted, just use and take advantage of you. The best thing you must know is that you are wonderfully and fearfully made and you are an image of God. (Psalm 139:14 & Genesis 1:26). Celebrate your uniqueness and always affirm yourself that no other person can be like you. You are the best version of you God has ever created- beautiful within and without.

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Remember, your world is waiting for you to manifest. So, go and dominate!!!