My Ideal Wives X-ray


My Ideal Wives X-ray

-Bisi Adewale

My Ideal Wives X-ray

We can call these kind of women, ideal wives . They are rare, peaceful and more than positive. They are powerful, virtuous, victorious daughters and her price is more than rubies.My Ideal Wives X-ray

Their Qualities includes:

1. Wisdom: They are full of wisdom. They live based on wisdom and valor.My Ideal Wives X-ray

2. Submissive: They apologize to their husbands easily when they are wrong.

3. Faithful: They are faithful to their husbands and home. They are women of integrity and dignity.My Ideal Wives X-ray

4. Lovers: They love their husbands and children. They would do anything to protect their home.My Ideal Wives X-ray

5. Decent: They are set of decent women which also reflect in their dressing (Presentable and neat).

6. Fears God: They fear the Lord in all their doing.

7. Supporters: They are strong pillars in life of their husbands, not caterpillars. They always support their hubby.

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8. They are meek and subjected to their husbands.My Ideal Wives X-ray

9. Honor: They honor and respect their husbands.

10. Industrious: They are industrious and hardworking.

11. Homemaker: They are homemakers, home keepers and home managers.

12. Appreciative: They are appreciative, they know how to appreciate their husbands.

13. Romantic: They are caring and romantic.

14. Diligent: They are diligent in all their work.

15. Obedient: They are obedient to God and their husbands.

16. Investors: They invest their time, attention and attention on their homes.

17. Life Builders: They never go round to report their husbands.

18. Solution Seeker: They only seek counsel from Pastors and quality counselors in time of problem.

19. Sexually Active: They are skillful in the bedroom, they know sex as part of their duty to their men and give everything to make it great for the husbands.My Ideal Wives X-ray

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