25 things You Can Do To Build Your Character In Marriage


25 things You Can Do To Build Your Character In Marriage

25 things You Can Do To Build Your Character In Marriage

Bisi Adewale
25 things You Can Do To Build Your Character In Marriage
Let all your actions depict humility because pride will make you repulsive to your spouse. Stoop to your husband if you want him to stick to you forever. 25 things You Can Do To Build Your Character In Marriage 2.Positive Thinking.
Positive thinkers don’t get negative results. Entertain positive thoughts about your marriage. Your marriage will not break. Strange women will not push you out. Your marriage will last.

Outstanding results are products of bold steps. Boldness is required in the quest to be successful in life. You need boldness to stand and fight for your marriage, if strange women show up. Only a bold woman can work at her marriage in the face of seemingly unending barrenness.25 things You Can Do To Build Your Character In Marriage 

Don’t just be occasional dressers, become an addicted gooddresser. Fashion and love go together.

In every marriage, there is always a point where you either hold on to offences or you let go in forgiveness. No marriage can escape divorce or further problems if the wrong choice is made.

Laziness causes problems in any marriage. Men are not looking for full-time housewives any longer; they want hardworking women who can contribute to the family income. Woman, quit the lazy business. Get yourself engaged in something worthwhile.25 things You Can Do To Build Your Character In Marriage

7.Self control.
Be in charge of your emotions, actions, reactions and attitudes. People will always get on your nerves but you must not allow your emotions to becloud your sense of judgment.


8.Good Communication.
Proclamation made before witnesses on your wedding day was the requirement to be joined as a couple. However, when the tongue is not bridled, it can destroy a project of five years in five minutes.

Many people are ignorant of the wonders of hospitality to the growth of marriage. Hostility towards your in-laws will only put your marriage at risk.

To be versatile means to be good at doing different many things yet also being able to learn new skills quickly and easily. Be a pioneer of new business. Be productive. Get things done using various methods.

Only a patient woman can remain in her husband’s house all her life. Patience equips you with the ability to tolerate other people’s annoying behaviours without getting angry. Impatience has driven many people to dissolve their marriages.25 things You Can Do To Build Your Character In Marriage 

Appreciation spurs your spouse to greater good works. Let appreciation become your way of life. Attach importance to every kind gesture and gifts you receive.

13.Peacefulness. Be a peaceful husband or wife and carrier of peace. Be easy to live with. A peaceful attitude will always encourage your spouse to come home early; while a hostile attitude will put him or her off.


14.Selfishness. Never allow any traits of selfishness to raise its ugly head in your life. Imbibe the attitude of selflessness by putting other people’s concern ahead of yours. This is the only way you can be celebrated in life.

15.Thoughtfulness. Thoughtful people are never stranded because they are proactive. You will definitely have a happy spouse if you meet his or her needs before he or she makes a demand.

16.Respect. Irrespective of your status or physique as a wife, do all you can to respect your husband. Marriage is not a ground for competition. Let him talk, obey his decisions and let his opinion count. Husband should also honour their wives.

17.Neatness. A clean wife, neat home and sparkling children are ways to satisfy your spouse. Drop all dirty attitudes. Take good care of your children and keep your home clean. Men also should learn to look neat and sharp.

18.Faithfulness. Dare to be faithful. Faithfulness is an insurance on the life of your spouse. Don’t be carried away by the attention, gifts or smooth words other men or women may display. Remain with your mate. No other man or woman must see you naked.

19.Joyfulness. Adorn a cheerful countenance at all times. Don’t be overwhelmed by unpleasant events. Rejoice always. As much as possible, avoid frowning. Put on smile and a friendly look. This way, you will see the presence of God and retain your spouse’s love.


20.Kindness. Be kind hearted. Engage in kind acts by showing concern about the happiness, feelings and wellbeing of your husband or wife, children and people around you. Speak kindly and make your request in a polite manner to your spouse always.

21.Generosity. Everybody loves gifts. Be generous to your spouse. Stop hiding your money from him or her. Everybody wants a man or woman who releases his or her resources willingly to his or her spouse.

22.Faith. Stand out of the crowd and be a person of faith. Apply faith in every situation you find yourself.

23.Prayerfulness. Your marriage requires more prayer to work than you can imagine. Form the habit of ceaseless prayer. Only woman of prayer can take charge of her home and marriage.25 things You Can Do To Build Your Character In Marriage

24.Truthfulness. Be a truthful person. Avoid telling lies. Speak the truth always and stick to it. If your spouse knows you’re truthful, he or she will trust you and believe your words.

25.Trust. A trustworthy man or woman cannot lose his or her home. No man will commit his life into the hands of a woman he cannot trust.

25 things You Can Do To Build Your Character In Marriage