Here, I want you to know the kind of lover you are and be able to detect the kind of ·lover your so- called lover is. Please, be sincere with yourself for the sake of your future.

They are:-

(1)   Parasitic Lover: This is the kind of lover that is lazy, has no plan or vision of his or her own but depends on his or her partners for livelihood. This is common among ladies while some men are in the habit too. Never marry a man or woman that is not ready to work or that has no vision, they are parasites, and are dangerous. Don’t marry them in the name of love, never marry a liability.

(2)   Kill And Go Lovers: These kinds of lover have no other plan for you than to have sex with you, it is very common among men, they can give you anything, tell you anything, take you anywhere, do anything for you, if they have not slept with you, they will pretend to be genuinely in love so as to have their way. As soon as they are able to do it with these girls, they will dump them and go for another “catch”, million of girls have fallen prey to these wolves called men because they are not careful enough. That guy that keeps on demanding for sex is a wolf, a “kill and go”- tell him I say so; never make the mistake of thinking you can use sex to keep him. It is wrong, men do go away after sleeping with girls, don’t allow him to have sex with you, as soon as he tries to touch your lap or breast. You better depart from him before he “kills” you and go away.


(3)   Bazaar Lovers- These kinds of lovers are ready to shower gifts on ladies, give lots of money; they are always generous with visits, greeting cards, flowers, letters, e-mails, phone calls etc. They can give any lady they desire to have anything she demands just to prove that they love her, but the truth is that they want to use these gifts to outdo any other man in the life of this lady and get her attention to themselves and as soon as they are able to win the love of the lady and sleep with her, they dump her for another prey. Don’t be fooled by what the man is giving you, you will pay dearly for it, be wise and save your life.

(4)  Feeding Bottle Lovers- These  are the immature kind of people, people in their teens that indulge in love relationship; they are not in love, they are only infatuated, they don’t know what life or love is, that is why many of them do leave these relationships, wounded, battered and destroyed. Love affairs is not for teenagers, wait for your time, do not go into the business of adults when you are still below twenty years of age; you may ruin your life, please; wait for your time.

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(5)     Wounded Lovers- These are people that were jilted by their ex-lover, hence they are wounded and need a quick ‘healing;” they are desperate to have another lover hence they may be a little bit aggressive and possessive, they are always finding it difficult to hear from God, they are always suspicious and watch every move with suspicion. Some of them are having wrong mentality about the opposite sex while some are looking forward to go into another relationship so as to take vengeance on anybody that comes their way.

(6)   Marriage Lovers: These are men and women that are advanced in age; hence, they need a marriage partner seriously and anybody will do. They are not really in love though they may claim to, and all they want is marriage and nothing more. If you go into marriage with these kinds of people without seeking the face of God you will be putting yourself into a difficult position.

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Remember that you must not marry somebody that does not love you. A marriage lover is even ready to get married to you within two weeks of your courtship even against church rule. This is very dangerous don’t do it, make sure you have at least six months courtship with anybody you want to marry and open your eyes to know whether he really love you or he just want you for marriage.

(7)   Public Lovers: This person may not really love you but because of your status on campus, in town, church, fellowship or your position, gift, family background, attainment, etc he is proud to be associated with you, hence; he will want every body around to know that he is your lover by holding you in the public, by introducing you to anybody that cares to listen, but in the secret of his heart he has no place for you. Your relationship with him is dry and uninteresting but in the public he is all over you. Be careful about people like this, they may use you to achieve their aim, climb the ladder of fame and dump you.



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