32 WAYS TO TEST TRUE LOVE (A must read for every single guys & ladies)-PT 1

Truths No One Told You About Marriage
Truths No One Told You About Marriage

32 WAYS  TO TEST TRUE LOVE (A must read for every single guys & ladies)-PT 1

32 WAYS  TO TEST TRUE LOVE (A must read for every single guys & ladies)-PT 1

true love

Guys Think – My God! She is cooooI!!! Beautiful, with hot legs, tomato face, fascinating set of teeth, a good cat-walking, balanced body- statistics, room candles, Figure 8, sunlight complexion, pointed breast, round robin boobs. Heavy back side, heron neck and long hair. She walks and talks like a queen, I cannot stop thinking about her, I cannot sleep until I put my mouth in her mouth, I will rather die than not touching this breast of hers, meeen! I think I am in love!

Girls think– Whao!, this is my dream man, cute, straight, hairy-chest, strong muscle, cool, nice, generous, jovial, humorous, romantic voice, bold, fearless, with a big car, a very beautiful house, he is not like every other man. He makes me feel like a woman, I feel good, I feel coool, I am madly in love, I have lost my head for him, I will give everything-to have this man, ush!!! I am in love

Brethren, is this love? Before you conclude that you are in love, will you just listen to me?

Love that is based only on outside appearances as described above is not love, it is infatuation and it will not stand the test of time that is the reason many marriages are ending in divorce and separation today.

You need to test whether you are truly in love or in lust or just infatuated. You need to know whether that person that claims to love you really does or he or she is pretending, with another plan in his/her heart.

A man may not really love you but pretend to, because of any of the following reasons:

– He wants cheap sex

– He wants to add your name to the number of girls he has “conquered”, imagine that?

– He may want your money if he knows that your parents are very rich.

– He may want to be going out with you to enhance his social status and to prove to his friends that he can actually control a lady.

– He may just want you by his side to fill his emotional vacuum

– He may want you because of your physical beauty, in other words; if there is a change in your physical appearance he will dump you for another lady.

Likewise a lady may not really love you; she may be hanging on you for the following reasons:

– She wants marriage at all cost because of her age or because all her friends are already married. This kind of lady may hurry you into marriage even when you are not ready for it.

– She may want you because of your money

– She may want you to embrace her for social status or for politicial or business reasons.

– For sexual satisfaction.


– To get a job or admission into an institution of higher learning.

– To pass her exams

– Because of your position, stature, people, fame, car, House, etc.

One funny thing is that these guys and ladies will pretend and claim to be in love. Do not be deceived take your time read this article and check whether he/she really love you or whether you really love him/her.


TEST 1- Attraction test- What attracts you to the man/lady and what attracts him/her to you? If it is outward appearances like hair, set of teeth, car, money, breast, beauty, voice, shape, buttocks, height, position, gift, complexion etc it is infatuation. True love depends on Godly qualities, intelligence, fear of God, hard work, integrity, submission etc. If what you love is just the appearance, it appears you are just being lustful, if this appearance is no more there what do you think will happen to your so-called love?

Outward appearance is just based on the “CONTAINER” but true love  GO for the “CONTENT” FIRST BEFORE considering the “CONTAINER”.

TEST 2 – Purpose test – Why do you want that person? Is it to marry him/her or just to have sex with her or to kiss him, to touch her breast, get his money or enjoy his big car and house?

If it is not based on life -long commitment, forget it; it is not love, it is lust. And if you noticed that somebody is not really interested in marrying you, but have ulterior motive, you better run away from the fellow.

TEST 3 – Activity test- What do you normally do when you are together? I think you are truly in love, if you do the following things whenever you are together- Planning about your future, praying together, studying the Bible together, attending Christian seminars, discussing about God and His service and about yourselves.

If all these are not involved and all you do is to kiss, hug, cuddle, fondle, watch dirty films, go to cinema houses and have sex, you are not in love though you will think you are, but you are only being lustful and getting lost from the presence of God.

TEST 4 – Caring test – Does the person care about your life, academics, emotion, feelings, careers, or all he/she wanted is to have his/her way; how you feel about it notwithstanding; the person is not in love with you. He wants sex despite the fact that you objected to it. She wants money even if it means you stealing it, it shows that the person does not care for you because true love cares, and considers.

TEST 5 – Longevity test – How long do you think the relationship will last, is it till you find another person? True love is permanent while lust is “peck and go” “Hit and run” do not be foolish, take to your heels.

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TEST 6 – Starting test – Infatuation starts fast, there is no such thing as love at first sight, there can be infatuation and lust at first sight. Real love always starts slowly it can not be any other way, you have to know the person before you can truly love him/her LOVE IS NEVER IN HASTE.

TEST 7 – Purity test – Does your relationship glorified God? Is it godly, If it does not, it is not love, it is of the devil, it is lust, it is sin.

TEST 8 – Divine Relationship test – How far is your relationship with God; Since you started this present relationship, check your prayer life, Bible study life, your commitment to the things of God, your hearing from God, do you feel the presence of God or you feel “dry?”. If that relationship has separated you from God it is not love it is lust, go out of it, before it destroys your life.

TEST 9 – Interest test – How consistent is your interest? In infatuation and lust, your interest in each other blows hot and cold, the reason is that your interest grows so fast that the root are shallow and is based only on emotions which can go up and down.

For real love, your feelings are likely to be warm and tender instead of hot and cold, not the kind that is ready to kill the guy that he sees with his girl, true love is matured and courteous.

TEST 10 – Maturity test – How old are you? If you are still a teenager, you are not likely in love, you are only being infatuated. True love comes with maturity. So, all those, “love affairs” in secondary schools are not of God because they are based on infatuation and lust, true love can only come from matured mind, unselfish and godly mind.

TEST 11- Effect test – Infatuation has a disorganizing effect upon your academics, life and personality. It makes you less-efficient and less-responsible, your romantic feelings are in control and you walk around day­dreaming. Whenever you see somebody that looks or talks like him or her, you lose your control, whenever he is around nothing else matters. When he writes you, you use hours imagining to have his touch again, if he promises that he is coming, you will not be able to do any other thing until he comes, and hours after he must have left, you will not be able to comport yourself, this is not love; it is infatuation. Real love adds value to your life. Your partner will bring out the best quality in you, if it is true love, he or she will want to make you a better person.

TEST 12 – Number test – How many people are you presently in love with? If it is more than one person, then you are being canal and lustful. True love can only be directed toward one person at a time, while infatuation and lust are polygamous in nature, they can be directed towards several people.


TEST 13 – Excitement test – Are you always excited to see the person you said you love or you are just tolerating him/her, love do not tolerate but celebrates.

TEST 14- Marriage test – Can you marry the person you said you love? Or you just see her as a bed mate? Is that man ready to marry you, or he just wants to fornicate with you and dump you? Ask him, let the relationship be defined. Commitment to love should involve a commitment to marry, not commitment to have sex.

TEST 15- Self Control test – Do you always find it difficult to control your emotion whenever you are together? All you do is petting, necking, kissing endlessly and sexual intercourse. It means God is not involved in your relationship. Devil and flesh are the ones dictating the happenings in it, hence you are not in love but only have sexual attraction (Lust) towards each other. This is very dangerous because if you marry each other you are basing your home on sex, after honeymoon your home will be in trouble because you would have seen it all. People that are in true love put their emotion under lock and key till their wedding night. Hence, if that person can not do without touching you whenever you are together you better take to your heels lest you marry a celebrated prostitute or a Casanova.


TEST 16 – Personality test – Who is the person that claims to love you? Is he a Christian or an unbeliever? If he is an unbeliever, forget it, he is not in love with you, do not deceive yourself.  Do not marry an unbeliever and make Satan your father-in-law (Joshua 23:11-13).

It takes a regenerated mind to have a true love, because love is of God and it takes people that are in Him to be in true love. Unbelievers are always lustful because they do not have the mind of Christ, hence your relationship with that Muslim guy or lady is unholy and un-scriptural; put an end to it before it destroys your colorful life. Joshua 23:10-13.

To be continue in part-2 of same topic. Stay connected!

Pastor Bisi Adewale is a family and relationship expert; author of Secret of Irresistible Wife and more than 70 other books on marriage and family life. You can reach him on familybooster@gmail.com, 08068312004, 08051512823, BB: 2AF5C883, Blog:  www.bisiadewale.com, Website:www.familybooster.com facebook.com/PastorBisiAdewale.Twitter@bisiadewale

32 WAYS  TO TEST TRUE LOVE (A must read for every single guys & ladies)-

32 WAYS  TO TEST TRUE LOVE (A must read for every single guys & ladies)-PT 1PT 1


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