Signs that You don’t Have Influence on Your Husband


Signs that You don’t Have Influence on Your Husband
Pastor Bisi Adewale
“Her children rose up and call her blessed and her husband boasts of and praises her saying many daughters have done virtuously, nobly and well (with the strength of character that is steadfast in goodness) but you excel them all”. (Proverb 31:28-29) Amp.

As a wife and mother, you suppose to be the number one influence in the life of your husband, and children. Your husband should always love your opinion, accept your correction, see from your point of view and allow you to take some vital decisions on his behalf without changing them. Very few wives are in this category, most wives cannot really influence their husbands, and they rely on their children, families or their husband’s friends to get whatever they want from their men or resort nagging, sexual denial and to fighting.

If you have to do the following, then you need to work on your influence in the life of your man.

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1.You beg him for days to get something from him and you know that, that thing is in his power to do.
2.You have to use sex to bait him to get something from him.
3.You are not friends.
4.You need to keep malice, nag, fight him and make life unbearable for him before having your way.
5.He never appreciates you or say “I love you”.
6.He only listens to you when you send your children, friends, his or your family members to speak on your behalf.
7.He doesn’t ask you for advice and he will not listen when you talk to him.
8.He doesn’t play with you.
He prefers staying with his friends and family than being with you.
9.You hear about his plans from your children, friends, family or ministry members.
10.He never help with babysitting.
11.You don’t know how much he earns.
12.He didn’t remember your last birthday.
13.He still beats you
14.He never pray with you.
15.All he wants is sex; he doesn’t enjoy your company, not to talk of discussing or playing with you.
16.He has not giving you gift in years.
17.He always shouts on you with outburst of anger.
18.He still compares you with other women, criticize and condemn you.
19.You don’t usually create time to talk heart to heart together.
20.You stays in different room.
21.You cannot change his mind, whatever he says he will do is the final.

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