Raising Godly Children


– Bisi Adewale
You must teach your children the following things deliberately, without them you may not be able to build a TOTAL child, you need to deliberately create time to teach them everything we are going to mention here that is what we call deliberate parenting. They are:
• Teach them about God, holiness, righteousness, Jesus, Holy Spirit, fellowship, prayer, and every other things about spiritual life.
• Teach them about meekness, kindness, humility, patience, faith, boldness, generosity, goodness, truth, faithfulness, appreciation, diligence, etc.
• Teach them about good association, forgiveness, apology, how to handle people, friendship and relationship.
• Teach them about how to make money, how to manage it, tithing, offering, first fruit, investment, stock, , prudency, generosity, real estate, etc.
• Teach them about marriage. adjustment in marriage, communication, togetherness, forgiveness in marriage, kindness, love, etc.
• Teach them about rapture, second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, hell, great tribulation, white judgment throne, etc.
• Teach them about the value of education, knowledge, wisdom, information, reading books, self-improvement.
• Teach them about vision, purpose, goal, dream, life management, stress management, time management.
Those and many other things are expected to be exposed to you
Raise your children if you don’t, you will leave them empty and void, giving them enemies to feed them with his oven junk.


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