Rules for Handling Your House Maids Part 2


Rules for Handling Your House Maids Part 2 -Bisi Adewale


RULE 8: AVOID MATURE TROUBLE: don’t employ fully grown up, developed, breasted house maid, she may become a fully grown up and developed trouble DON’T permit it.
RULE 9: NO ROOM,NO MAID: never employ a maid if you don’t have a room where you are going to put her, making your maid to sleep in the sitting room can bring doom into that home, as she sleeps carelessly, enticing your husband who may accidentally see her as see sleeps and begin to pursue her.
RULE 10: NO BOY, IF GIRLS: don’t ever employ house boy if you have only girls as children, experience has shown that a whole lots of little girls are been deflowered by their mothers house help. Get female house help, if you have only girls.
RULE11: NO GIRL,IF BOYS : Likewise, if all your children are male, don’t employ house maid, we have also seen situation whereby house maid begin to sexually molest the boys of their madams, rather get a house boy.
RULE 12: NO YOU IN HER: Don’t give your old dresses that your husband likes on you to your maid, lest your husband begin to see you in her. Those cloths that look beautiful and may-be sexy on you that made your husband to fall for you several times SHOULD NEVER be given to your maid, don’t


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