Discovering Purpose


Discovering Purpose

– Bisi Adewale

Discovering Purpose

Dare to have a godly vision and prepare to work it out. Let it make you a captive. You will soon become a celebrity.

To discover your purpose, answer these questions carefully.

–          What is that thing you normally do with ease?

–          What is that thing you always love to do?

–          What is that thing you can do better than your mates?

–          What is that thing people prefer you do?

–          What is that thing people prefer you do?

–          What is your hobby?

–          What are those things people normally relish when you do them?

–          What is the Lord telling you to do?

–          What do you normally hate to see, if you hate to see student failing their exams, God may be telling you to have a tutorial center.

–          What do you normally love to see? If you normally love to see children and staying in their midst, God may be telling you to have a Day Care Center.

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As soon as you discover your purpose, turn it to vision. As soon as you determine your vision, do the following things about it.

1.      Write it down, Hab. 2:2

2.      Pray about it.

Discovering Purpose

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Discovering Purpose