Bisi Adewale

You can’t just fold your arms and be waiting for the right person; they are things to do to make yourself the right person worthy to be waiting for. All you need to do is to invest in yourself. Listed below are what you must embark on when you are waiting for the right person

1. Learn how to Make Money. Marriage needs money. You can’t steal it, you can’t beg for it; you need to learn to work for it. There is dignity in diligence so get working.

2. Learn how to Manage Money. Making money is not what really matter; but cultivating the ability to manage it. Learn how to manage money, if your desire is to have a prosperous family.

3. Prepare Yourself for Marriage. Prepare yourself physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, and financially for marriage. Get yourself ready, learn and become better.

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4. Improve about Marriage. Learn about marriage. Read books, listen to tapes and watch videos about marriage. Attend marriage programmes, go for counsel, walk in company of good people and have a marriage mentor.

5. Dress Rightly. Dress to attract the right partner. Be decent, be godly and always remember that the way you dress is the way people will address you. Be wise.

6. Keep on Praying. Be aggressive in prayer. Be prayerful, spend hours on your knees. Pray about your future in general.

7. Be a Lover of the Bible. Be a Bible student. Spend time with the word of God, it will make your life better.

8. Work on your Character. Anybody you will marry will likely marry you because of your charisma, beauty, gifts, etc. But the truth is; the person will live with your character not your charisma. If enjoying marriage is your aim, then work on your character as you wait for marriage. Deal with anger, pride, stinginess, laziness, oversleeping, lying, stubbornness, extravagance, prayerlessness, lust, self-centeredness, rigidity, wickedness, etc. All these can easily destroy your life and your marriage. Stand against these negative attitudes; break their strong holds upon your life. Pray seriously about them and be victorious. Become a brand new person, somebody whose partner will say tomorrow, “Thank God I married you”.

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