The Place of Money in Marriage


The Place of Money in Marriage
Bisi Adewale
Most times, people talk more about money for business and do not consider its relationship with the family. There is no place where money is more relevant than at home. “A feast is made for laughter and wine maketh merry, BUT MONEY ANSWERETH ALL THINGS”.(Ecclesiastes 10:19)
Money is needed in the family to do almost everything. Experts say 60% of our disposable income is spent directly or indirectly at home. The amount of money available to every couple determines how comfortable they will live their lives.
To manage money adequately and correctly, each couple should know the place of money in their marriage.
? It is to make you companions not combatant. Money should not be a tool of discord, rather, it should be a source of unity.
? A tool of welfare not for warfare. Money is for the welfare of the family not to turn your family to a boxing ring.
? It is a means of exchange. It is the only thing the family has to give out in exchange for the goods and services they desire.
? It is a defence. “For wisdom is a defence, money is a defence……….”Ecclesiastes 7:12. Money helps to protect the family from hunger, poverty, ill-health, assault, debt, molestation, etc.
? Wheel of progress. It helps the family to be progressive.
? God’s way of teaching cooperation. God uses money to teach couples about cooperation. Couples who cannot agree on money will find it difficult to agree on other areas of their marital life.
? Builder of houses and homes. To build a house, couples need money. To build a home and to sustain it, money is needed.



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