Identifying Strange Women in Your Marriage Pt 2

Identifying Strange Women in Your Marriage Pt 2
Identifying Strange Women in Your Marriage Pt 2

Identifying Strange Women in Your Marriage Pt 2
Bisi Adewale

sIdentifying Strange Women in Your Marriage Pt 2

Strange women are big threats to the success of every marriage if not detected and handled early.

1. Seductive other women. These are women who are all out to seduce men (read proverbs chapter 7). They achieve this through their sweet words, actions, kindness, dressing, association, etc. You need to continue to pray for your husband; protect him on your knees; pray to God to reign in his heart and rule in his life.Identifying Strange Women in Your Marriage Pt 2
2. Close – by other women. These are women in the neighbourhood, girls in the church or friends of the wife. Women should be careful of unnecessary closeness of other women with their husbands. This does not mean you should be suspicious of every woman who comes near your husband. Nevertheless, you should know the limit to which you can trust people around you. Encouraging your friends or a young and beautiful girl in the neighbourhood to stay in your house in the name of helping your husband with the kids while you are away can be a cheap way to help him start an affair; he never envisaged. How can you go to a party or vigil leaving your visiting friends alone with your husband at home. Is that trust or foolishness?
3. Day to day other women. These are women men have to meet everyday due to their work or profession. They can be colleague, customers, clients, patients (to a doctor), contractors, students (to a lecturer/teacher), counselee, etc. In the case of a colleague in the office, she may even be sharing the same office with the man. Hence, she spends longer time with the man everyday than his wife; creating closeness and sometimes unholy intimacy. Office romance is very rampant these days. As the wife, your strongest weapon, which I place emphasis on is prayers.
Make it a point of duty to visit your husband’s office once in a while. This would serve as a reminder to his colleagues that he is married. This does not negate the essence of being friendly with them so that they can even fight to help you protect your marriage in your absence. Also, to overcome the prevalence of day to day strange women, make the house conducive for your husband.Identifying Strange Women in Your Marriage Pt 2


Most men these days feel more comfortable at work rather than at home. This should not be the case with your husband. Give him reasons to rush back home to a wonderful wife everyday. Let him be proud of you; love and always crave to be with you.Identifying Strange Women in Your Marriage Pt 2

4. In-house other women. This can be your house maid, nanny, any girl who stays in your house. It can even be your own sister. I will place more emphasis on the house maid in subsequent chapters of this book. Let me warn you against any girl who stays with you. Ensure that everyone dresses well in your house and also ensure they sleep in their rooms. If you have only one bathroom at home, don’t allow them to spread their underwears in the bathroom; let them take their underwears to their rooms, by all means; protect your husband; MEN ARE MOVED BY WHAT THEY SEE.Identifying Strange Women in Your Marriage Pt 2


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