Wonders of Forgiveness in Marriage


Wonders of Forgiveness in Marriage

  1.      Forgive Generously. Healthy marriage cannot be built without the spirit of forgiveness, you will continue to offend each other as your “iron sharpneth iron”. If you don’t learn to forgive, you will grow apart instead of growing together.

–         Forgiveness means you don’t refer to that issue again.

–         Forgiveness means you return to your normal relationship after the offence.

–         Forgiveness means you still value him or her despite the hurts

–         Forgiveness means praying for the offender

–         Forgiveness means treating the case as if it never happens

–         Forgiveness means not given room for malice, bitterness, resentment and bickering, etc.

–         Forgiveness means not reporting to third party.

–         Forgiveness means saying ‘I forgive you’ and really mean it.


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