What Makes for a Happy Marriage

Why You Should Ask Your Spouse Out On Dates
Why You Should Ask Your Spouse Out On Dates

What Makes for a Happy Marriage– Bisi Adewale

Respect between the Partners

Mutual respect between parties is a direct route to better and stronger marriages. Everybody love to be respected and to be honored, nobody love to be criticized, dishonored or disdain.

If you truly want a better marriage, go ahead to respect your spouse, it is a link to happy life in matrimony, stop embarrassing your spouse, stop shouting on your wife, stop disrespecting the man you married.

Wives most especially should know that there is no way you can win a man you are not ready to respect, because number one need of a man from his wife is not sex or food as we wrongly belief, it is respect. Men cannot really ignore woman that honour and respect then that is why you should know how to respect your own husband.

Men on their won should know that, real men don’t embarrass women, their wives especially, you can’t get the best from a woman you are treating like rag, you cannot enjoy the best of time from a woman you are fond of embarrassing before visitors. Real men knows how to honour their wives, they are master in wives celebration and enthronement.


If you want the best from your wife, treat he like a queen, if you desire the best from your husband honour him as you would a king; a kingly acceptance will lead to a queenly response from him thereby making your home a palace, a place of joy, grace and glory.


Make your husband a prayer project; never give him a breathing space in the place of prayer.
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