Sexual Immorality in Marriage


Sexual Immorality in Marriage
People that involve in adultery do give their reasons for been sexually immoral, but all these reasons are wrong and untenable. They are inexcusable:

1 Everybody is doing it. That is not true, it is only undisciplined people, ungodly people that are doing it, it is not everybody, so do not join the company of unwise people.

2 To feel good. Feeling good in sin is temporary, as you will later feel bad about it when you start to get the result of your foolishness.

3 To relieve my wife. Some demonic men do this, clamming that they do not want to place strong demand on their wives, hence, they look for somebody to relieve her, and this is totally wrong. Your wife is capable enough to satisfy you, if you make her happy.

Bad marriages. Some do get out. Claiming it is bad marriage that pushes them out, that is not true, it is what is originally in your mind that you are doing. In fact, infidelity is a good way to make your marriage worse.


My wife makes me to do it. Most men blame their wives for adultery, claiming they went into adultery because their wives fail to satisfy them at home. Hence, they need to get satisfied outside. This is not the truth; the truth is you are not disciplined.

6 To avoid loneliness. Some people go into adultery blaming loneliness, but nothing makes one lonelier like sexual immorality, after the thrill and frill of eight seconds, the gravity of your foolishness will come on you.

Vengeances. A lot of women go into it, to even scores with their husbands, who committed adultery; this is also wrong as two wrongs cannot make a right.

8 Curiosities. Some said they went into it to satisfy their curiosity. They want to know how it feel to sleep with someone else. How do we describe that; madness. Yes, it is madness or how will you describe a man or woman that drinks poison, claiming he or she wants to know how it tastes.

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Want to test fertility. Some men whose wives are still trusting God for fruit of the womb go outside to prove their fertility, this is also wrong.

10 “Can not help it”. You can help yourself, except if you are an animal, sex does not happen by accident, it takes a process, if you follow the process of adultery, you will get the proceeds of sin and destruction.