Apology In Marriage


Apology In Marriage
Bisi Adewale


Constant quarrel, division, crisis and divorce will have been eradicated from homes or reduce to barest minimum if not totally eradicated if somebody is humble enough to say “I am sorry”. There will be mistaken, misunderstanding, and offending in marriage which may quench love if the instrument of apology is not in use.

Apology does not involve defending yourself, not explaining and not justifying yourself, not passing the buck whenever there is mistake. It means sincere apologizing with a remorseful spirit, action and tones.

Its types are:

v Zero Apology: This is a kind of apology where one of the parties in the marriage refused to admit his or her mistakes not to talk of apologizing.

v Plastic Apology: This is when you apologies but your body languages does not, no remorse, no genuine repentance.

v Roundabout Apology. This involves apologizing but still knowingly went back into the same error, but quickly apologises again but still continues the action. This do make apology to be ineffective on the person you are apologizing to.

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v Black Apology. This is when you apologise but still insists it is not your fault. It also involves counter accusation, something like “It is true I was rude to you, you made me do it, by your harsh criticism”, though “I am sorry at least that is what you want to hear.”

v Complete Apology: This involve being really sorry with soberness and sincerity. Apology should be quick, without defensiveness. It involves changing of countenance, tones, and moving closer to your spouse to say “I am sorry” and really mean it.

For peace and harmony to reign in families; complete apology must be in place. As a wife, don’t claim right in that marriage, instead use the instrumentally complete apology and your marriage will be peaceful, your husband homely and romance-high.

Make your husband a prayer project; never give him a breathing space in the place of prayer.
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