Olden Day’s Marriage, Modern Day’s Marriage And Bible-Based Marriage. Pt 2


Olden Day’s Marriage, Modern Day’s Marriage And Bible-Based Marriage. Pt 2
Bisi Adewale

MODERN DAYS MARRIAGE- These are marriages based on modern day’s value of “broad way life”. They are Hollywood-scripted marriages; marriages on equality, human rights and women right. Marriages of long nails, where the kitchens are the fast food joints. Women place their husbands at the mercy of house girls who serve the husband’s meals and even make his bed.
In modern day’s marriages, competition, run-away husbands and on the run wives are common. Children are in the boarding schools, the husband is on his way to London while the wife is preparing to leave for New York.
Cohabitation is common; pre-nuptial agreement is prevalent, the wife is not ready to submit and the husband is not ready to love; Selfishness, secrecy, stinginess, accusations and counter accusations, arguments, verbal attacks, physical assaults, vengeance, Unforgiveness, hatred, self-glorification, self-justification and building of “self empire” are very common.
Also common in modern days marriages are night crawling, partying, unfaithfulness, isolation, withdrawal and separation. Car, computer, handsets, video games, T.V. Sets, etc always compete with the wife in this kind of marriage while husbands struggle with their children to get their attention of their wives. Moreover, children are the next-of- kin of their mothers while husbands’ families are often their confidants, beneficiaries and next-of-kin.

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