Why you must not Marry a Lazy Person


Why you must not Marry a Lazy Person
Bisi Adewale

Brother and Sister “9:30”
“Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep and an idle soul shall suffer hunger. “Prov 19:15
These people are called “9:30” because of their laziness and excessive sleeping habits. They sleep as if they are drugged. They snore as if they are blowing trumpets.
They are so lazy that they even find it difficult to wash their own clothes. They can sleep by 9 pm and wake up by 9:30am the following day. That is why they are known as Brother/sister “9:30”.
They have forgotten that the love of sleep is the beginning of abject poverty (Prov. 19:15)
Lazy people will beg from their mates later in life.
Lovers of sleep will be in BED when blessings are on the FIELD and will suffer want.
If you are not ready to live in want, do not marry a 9:30 person. If you really desire a brighter future, such a person shouldn’t be your choice of marriage partner. However, if you are content with rags and life on the dunghill, then you can go ahead and marry such. Some of them are vibrant tongue-speaking, Holy Ghost-carrying Christians, but they never read and obey 1 Tim. 5:8 in their Bibles.
Some sisters can speak in tongues but cannot prepare a simple meal. Will speaking in tongues help them in the kitchen? Some brothers can preach but their hands can not reach out to work on the field. Run as fast as possible from these people if you don’t want to live in penury. If you are one of them, please change before poverty and penury catch up with you.

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