Pretense and Genuine Love – Knowing the Difference Pt 2


Pretense and Genuine Love – Knowing the Difference Pt 2
Bisi Adewale

Jesus Christ, the originator of love, demonstrated genuine love to us. In John 3:16 the Bible says “For God so love the world that He gave…………………………..”. Love is about giving; you cannot love without giving. Any lady or guy that only receives or asks without giving anything in return is not a lover, he or she is a “robber”. His or her motive is to empty your pocket or make you a dumping ground. Love becomes robbery when it only takes without giving. So a lover who often places heavy demands on your pocket or body, who does not care if you run into debt financially or spiritually to satisfy him or her is not a lover but a MURDERER of destiny and finances.

Is he or she always excited to see you? Are you given a warm reception whenever you visit him or her? Does he or she sing your praise or he or she is just tolerating you? Check it very well. Any guy or lady that truly loves you must celebrate you.

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A guy or lady that cannot “zip up” till your wedding night, who has turned his or herself to a sex object does not really love. If all he or she is interested in whenever you are together is kissing, pecking, fondling, or sex, it is a dangerous game that will pitch you against God. It can even lead to unwanted pregnancy, abortion or barrenness. A lady or guy that lacks the fear of God will not respect you in marriage. Zip up! Beware, lest you get married to a saintly prostitute or a sex hunter who may want to use you to satisfy his sexual urge and later dump you for another ‘catch’. Be informed that many couples with regrettable marriage today laid their foundation on the spark of emotional demands of premarital sex.

Marriage is not for “help eat”, it is about help meets. It involves two people planning and working together towards progress in life. If the person you claim to love does not show interest in your future and all what he or she is living for is today, that means he or she is an “help eat”. Any guy or lady that is not ready to plan your future’s progress with you is not worth marrying. He or she won’t be there for you in future. True love adds value to life.

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