Family Finance: Power of Giving Over your life & Marriage pt 2


Family Finance: Power of Giving Over your life & Marriage pt 2
Bisi adewale

Let giving become your way of life, be a blessing to people around you. That is sure way to the blessing of the Lord. Prosperity is not a function of labour, it is a function of principles and one of the principles is giving. Giving is not a function of what you earn or what you have; it is your outward expectation of your love towards God and man.

People you must give to:
You need to learn to give to the following people regularly.
• Your Heavenly Father. God is not a beggar, he is not relying upon anyone to do His work, so when you give to God, you are only preserving your destiny.
• Your Spiritual Father. The Bible makes it clear that men of God deserve to be blessed with our substances. Learn to bless your spiritual fathers, your pastors, shepherds and mentors generously; even if they have more than you, that is the best way to open your heaven and preserve your tomorrow.
• Your Wife. It is totally wrong to have money in your pocket and allow your wife to go about in rags. No! Provide for the needs of your wife, give her your love, time, money, gifts, support and protection. Your wife is an angel in your house; make her happy to the best of your capability. It is a ‘crime’ to make your wife beg you for days before giving her what is due to her.
• Your Husband. Don’t hide your money from your husband. Support him financially; meet the financial needs of the family if you can. Don’t ever think it is only your husband who should do all the payments of bills, fares, rates and fees. Be a supporter and a pillar, stand with him in this harsh economic condition and the Lord will bless you. It will be bad to buy shoes and bags when your children’s school fees are yet to be paid.
• Your Children. Take good care of your children. They are your responsibility; meet their needs, pay their school fees, buy clothes for them, give them food and ‘pocket money’. Don’t ever expose your children to error by failing to provide adequately for them.
• Your Biological Parents. It is wrong to fail to provide for your aged parents, if you fail to take care of them you are only predicting what will happen to you at old age, your children too are watching.
• The Needy. Give to the needy, the less privileged. Don’t eat everything you made personally, be a channel of blessing to others.

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