Family Finance: How To Change Your Family Financial Level Pt 2


Family Finance: How To Change Your Family Financial Level Pt 2
Bisi Adewale

1. Rich Families. These families are better than poor and very poor family. They easily meet their needs and live an above average life. They are the envy of both poor and very poor families
2. Very Rich Families. These families lived better than poor, very poor and rich families. They are more comfortable than other types of families but there are still better ways to live. Meeting ends meet is not enough, it is not all what life is all about, being better than your neighbours is not enough to get the best for you in life.
3. Wealthy Families. Very rich families maybe good in cash because of their good jobs but wealthy families are business and property owners. It goes beyond cash, they have wealth and many sources of income.
4. Flourishing Families. These are the best type of families financially wise. They are not only meeting their daily needs, they don’t only have money; they have property and ‘seed money’ that generates perpetually. They need not struggle for money again; they have investment that makes money for them when they are in bed. They are:
– The authors. They collect money perpetually as royalty from books they wrote years back.
– Company owners and directors.
– Players in the real estate industry.
– Artiste that collect royalties from their music.
– Inventors with patent right.
No matter the level of your family now, move until you get to a flourishing level. In the next few days, I will be showing you how to grow until you begin to flourish.

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