Five Star Wife Pt 1


Five Star Wife Pt 1
Bisi Adewale

Do you want a five star treatment from your husband? Do you want him to treat you like a queen? Do you want his honour and respect? Do you want him to be faithful to you only? Do you want him to treat you like a lady? Do you want peace of mind in his house; become the real woman of influence in his life? If your answer is yes; then, do just one thing; become a FIVE STAR WIFE. Yes, A FIVE STAR WIFE

“A virtuous wife is a jewel (STAR) for her husband, but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness (SCAR) in his bones. Proverbs 12:4KJV.

“A helpful wife is a jewel (STAR) for her husband, but a shameless wife will make his bone to rot (SCAR).” Proverbs 12:4 (Contemporary English Bible)

“A worthy wife is her husband’s joy and crown (STAR) the other kind corrodes his strength and tear down everything he does”. Proverbs 12:4 LB

You are either a star (crown) in the life of your husband or a scar. You either increase his (your husband) strength or corrode it. You are either a plus or a minus to him, a wife or knife
Even if you are a star in the life of your man, you must not be an ordinary star but a FIVE STAR woman; which means you must be balanced in many ways.
If you are able to balance your life in the following ways, you would have make a five star wife out of yourself and anybody that sees you will call you virtuous, your children will call you blessed, while your husband will praise you.

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Your Inner Life
Your Outer Life
Your Children
Your Home Making Ability
Your Relationship with your Husband

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