Financial Lessons for Singles Pt 11


Financial Lessons for Singles Pt 11
Bisi Adewale

To have a solid family financial base, the foundation has to be laid as a single person. Many married people who are battling with their finances found themselves in financial mess due to lack of knowledge. In order not to repeat the same mistake, read, digest and act on this write-up.

1. The Plan for your Retirement Begins Now. Most retirees are suffering now because they fail to plan for their retirement thinking retirement is still far. Let it sink into your head that your retirement is around the corner and it is drawing closer from your first day at work. Look for a Pension Manager and start your contribution today even if your organization does not share such plans for its staff. You must be aware that whenever your employer pays you, they pay you for your yesterday, today and your tomorrow (which is your retirement period).
2. Be an investor. Most young men don’t invest their money wisely; they’re more concerned about the present day enjoyment. Meanwhile, investment may cause you to delay gratification which often pays at the long run. Don’t just spend all your earnings. Invest in properties, shares and stocks, oil and gas, government bonds, etc. Saving is good but investment is better.
3. Don’t be an ATM ADDICT. Don’t be an ATM addict, don’t be a regular user or a carrier of ATM card. ATM card can sometimes act as a modern day financial drain. ATM card is good but if you are not disciplined, you will exceed your monthly budget and exhaust your savings. To avoid being tempted, don’t carry it around with you, keep it and use it for emergency situations alone.
4. Be a seller. Don’t just be a consumer, be a producer. By all means, find something to sell even if you’re an employee. If you have nothing to sell, you will not excel. You can sell commodity, professional services or information. Don’t say you don’t know what to sell, look for the needs of people around you.
5. Improve. For people to pay you more as a salary earner, you need to have additional qualification, for people to pay higher for your products; there must be something extra or new about it, and this is improvement! Improve yourself, services and products; then, you will earn better.
6. Don’t be a show master. Don’t be a show master. A show master always buys things to show-off, to impress others. He always went for latest things by abandoning the old ones that’s still functioning. You may impress people now but you may live in a depressed economy later in the future.

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