Keys to A better Marriage Pt 1


Keys to A better Marriage Pt 1
Bisi Adewale

1. Knowledge. Couples should know that they need to continue to improve their knowledge about sex in marriage. You need to continue to have the knowledge of the body of your spouse as it changes as both of you becomes older. This you can do by reading books written by Christian authors about sex in marriage. Our book, SEXUAL FULFILLMENT IN MARRIAGE, is recommended for couples.
2. Open communication. Couples should be free to discuss their sex life; lack of communication will lead to frustration. Discuss intimately about your sex life, know each other’s needs, likes, dislike, expectations and fantasy. Talk intimately about your sex life and make it better.
3. Better marriage. If you want better bedroom life, then build better out-of-the-room marital life. Be committed to your marriage, love, your spouse and care for each other. Husbands most especially should know that wives attach love to sex and that the strongest sex organ of a woman is the mind. If you fail to touch her heart, she will fail to warm your bed the way you want. If you become a lover boy, you will definitely have a romantic wife.
4. Be creative. Don’t be rigid or dormant, be creative and terrific. Never allow boredom in your bedroom. Never give room for monotony. Do something now in as much as it is godly, go ahead and make your home a place to be.
5. Change your perspective about sex- Destroy every inhibition. Stop seeing sex with your spouse as sinful or unholy. Celebrate it; change all negative conception about it.
6. Make it a matter of prayer. Never fails to pray about it. Make it a prayer focus. Tell God to teach you how to satisfy each other to fulfill His will in your home.
7. Cultivate friendship. Be friendly with each other out of the bedroom and accept each other. It will greatly enhance your sex life.
8. Make room for playfulness. Play together, relate together, be jovial out of the bedroom. It will translate to a better sex life as you fall in love afresh.

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