Understanding Money Pt 1


Understanding Money Pt 1

Bisi Adewale
Before you can manage money at home, you must understand what money is and what it stands for. Surprisingly, all of us recognize money, what it can buy and power behind it. But we don’t really understand what it is, that is why money has seen to the down fall of many family destruction.
In fact, money is said to be one of the three major reasons people divorce. Many marriage counselors rate it as number one reason of marriage trouble.
Here, I want you to follow me as I open your eyes to what money is and how to manage it.
1.Money has wings; it can fly away (Proverbs 25:5). Please note that money has not sign any contract to stay with you forever. It has wings, it can fly away, you need to understand how to clip its wings, demobilize it and keep it to yourself forever. When you fail to save and invest, you are simply allowing your money to develop wings, when you spend to show-off and have penchant for impulse buying, you are simply setting yourself for want of tomorrow as you prepare to join the club of millionaire of yesteryears.
Many cannot just stop spending, as soon as they find some amount of money in their pockets.
They spend, spend and spend until they spend their blood with it. If you can’t postpone pleasure, you should prepare for pain. Money says, “I am a friend of no one, I goes to anybody who can tie me down either young or old, tall or short, fat or slim, learned or unlearned”.
2.Its love is the beginning of all evil. Love of money is the foundation of all known evil. It is the root of high sea piracy in Somalia, high-level of drug pushing and killings in Mexico, all highway robbery, prostitutions, embezzlement, gang wars, assassinations, etc.
You can’t be a lover of money and be loved by people. If you love it so much, you will be a society enemy. It is the mother of all bribery and corruption. You should desire to make money, not to love it so much that you infringe on the right of others to make it. Good money should only come by your SWEAT, not by TEARS or blood of others.
Money says, “Don’t fall in love with me, if you do, I may end you in jail”.
3.Money belongs to God. Good and clean money comes from God, if you break His law just to make money, you will destroy yourself. Work hard but rely on the blessing of God.
Money by God heals; money by force kills. The greatest life pursuit is the pursuit of God; turning ones back on God in pursuit of money is suicidal. If you find God, He will bless the work of your hands and increase you greatly by giving you His blessing without adding sorrow to it.
Money says, “Am not reliable, don’t rely on me, am not real, don’t cast your hope on me, I may look glittering, I am a ball of five, if you pursue me hotly, I will hurt you deeply.

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