Overcoming Sexual Impurity in marriage


Overcoming Sexual Impurity in marriage
– Bisi Adewale

For any marriage to be peaceful, blissful and free from sexual immoralities parties involve should be able to know their responsibility and do them without been told or reminded. When marriage fails, it fails simply because one or both parties involved fail to know and do their duties as husband and wife. This articles entails what to do to avoid infidelity in  your marriage :
1. Fellowship regularly with people of God.
2. Don’t ever be too close to any member of the opposite sex; spend time with your spouse, date each other, flirt with each other and enjoy time together
3. Be sensitive to your spouse’s sexual needs, communicate honestly 4. Expose your sexual needs to your spouse
5. Build and rebuild your marriage, poor communication
6. Be careful about the film you watch and the music you listen to
7. Anticipate, prevent, avoid and resist sexual temptation
8. Transfer your activated sexual desire towards your spouse
9. If you must lust, lust after your spouse.
10. Take care of your spiritual life, you need inner strength to resist sexual sin
11. Be modest with people in the public, but sexy and romantic to your mate at home.
12. Count the cost of sexual immorality before you are tempted.
13.Confess and repent any sexual desire that is not towards your spouse, don’t underestimate it.


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