Husband And Wife Becoming Bosom Friends


Husband And Wife Becoming Bosom Friends

Bosom friends does not happen naturally in a relationship, it is what must be deliberately work upon.What to do to become bosom friends

(Romans 13:10)

1.Unconditional acceptance. Don’t just tolerate your spouse, rather accept him/her without conditions; don’t insist that your spouse must do so and so before you will love him or her, see your spouse as a special gift to you, he/she can never live or behave like anybody else, he/she is just himself or herself, accept him/her totally.

2.Spend time together. Love and time are the currency of friendship, spend time together, talking, playing, hugging, gisting, watching films, cuddling, sneak out of your busy schedule to be with your spouse, that is the best thing you can do for your marriage.

3.Give gift. Give gift to each other; be on the giving side of your relationship. Always try to out-give each other, compete in giving gift to each other; it is another way to strengthen relationship.


4.Serve each other and make sacrifice. Go all out to serve each other. Go with an outstretched hands of “what can I do for you”, serve your spouse, make sacrifice when it is not convenient that is what friends do.

5.Be transparent, be vulnerable. Be open to your spouse, don’t have any dark room, no secret, live a transparent life to your mate, be predictable, and be influenced.

6.Intimacy. Build strong bond, unbreakable attachment to each other, let your blood flow together, and let your life be interwoven.

7.Communicate deeply. Let your communication be open, total, deep, truthful, and full of love. Good communication is the soul of your relationship; give it prominence in your life.

8.Like-mindedness. Be so close that you will start to think alike, you will start to share the same values, you will see life almost at the same side, and this will limit the level of misunderstanding and conflict in your home.
Do everything to build friendship in your home, if you become friends, peace will return to your home.

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