Wives – 30 Things Your Husband Wish you Knew


Wives – 30 Things Your Husband Wish you Knew

Wives – 30 Things Your Husband Wish you Knew

– Bisi Adewale

These are salient truth every man which their wives new. Until you know them and be committed to practice them it may hinder you from receiving absolute favour from your husband. It can also make marriage difficult for you.

1. Your man want to be respected as daddy –  wise wives respect and treat their husbands as dad in the sitting room, treats him as a king or Guest on the dining table , as a president in the public, as a  “baby” in the bedroom: when next you want to introduce your husband in the public, just tell your friends this is “our daddy” or  “my husband”, and see how he will react, for most men love those two words especially the first one “our daddy”. In the bedroom they want you to pamper them, handle them as you normally do your baby, touch them gently and tell them sweet things.

If you understand these things, you have won a great battle. If you fail to treat your husband as “Daddy in the public and at the same time treat him as “baby” at home, you are making a great mistake. You are prepare his meal, as you prepare baby’s food, wash his clothes as you wash baby’s napkins, prepare his bed as you prepare baby cot, lie down beside the real baby until he sleeps before you join the big baby (your man ) for the rest of the night. Never have you forsaken the big baby because of the new baby for that may cost you your home.

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2. Your man wants you to be thoughtful – are you thoughtful, your man want you to be thoughtful. He wants you to take some decisions on your own and give him the feedback when he returns back from work. Never be a fool. Think deeply before you do anything. If you have been taking small wonderful decisions before now, your man will commit greater things into your hands. Good women do remember the amount they bought certain items even if it was six months ago. Calculative thoughtfulness is rewarding. Please develop this wonderful skill. (Prov.31:18-21)

3.  Your man wants you to be accountable – Do your best to make sure you are accountable. Does your man see you to be accountable?

Make every effort to explain to your man, how much you buy everything even if he does not ask for it. Pastor (Mrs.) oyedepo, wife of Bishop David Oyedepo of winners chapel once said she normally submit in detail monthly financial reports to her husband, though he didn’t ask for it.

Never allow your man to beckon on you in order to account for the amount money spend. Do it yourself. Let it be that it is your man who will tell you that he doesn’t really need to know the details of your spending.

4.  Men hate it when their wives travels – Most men don’t always want their wives to travel. Good husband always wants his wife to   be by his side always.

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Most men become disorganized when their wives are not at home, because of the added responsibilities their absence normally gives before they leave the home.

Make sure you don’t travel always. Travel only it is necessary. Do not open the door for the devil to tempt your man. Men do fall easily into temptation when they feel lonely, that is when most of them discover that the housemaid is equally beautiful.

Please for God’s sake, stay at home, to guard your home. Stop making those unnecessary trips, stop going for party every weekend. It is not good for your home. You are warned.

5. Your man want you to love his mother – You will be making a great mistake if you think your man does not love his mother and that he supports you when you maltreat her. The truth is your man loves his mother, just the way you love your own mother too. Hence if you want to win your man, love his mother. The greatest mistake any woman can make is to speak against her mother-in-law. If you do, your husband may support you (or you think he does). But I am sure of it, it will back fire, for no man will ever want his wife to disgrace his mother.

Many of the women today are sworn enemies of their mothers-in-law because they lack knowledge. If you want your home, love your mother-in-law for there is a special cord that attaches every man with his mother. It will be unwise of you to think you can win the battle. If you are wise, act wisely, speak wisely; you will enjoy your home.


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6. Your man wants you to be faithful in everything – Your man want you to be faithful in keeping to your marital vows and in taking care of the home.

Many marriages got dissolved because of infidelity and unfaithfulness. NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE PUSHED INTO ADULTERY. It is dangerous, it is ungodly, it makes you a disgrace to womanhood; it shows you are not disciplined and not properly brought up.

Above all, an adulterer will greet an eternal separation from God. You have nothing to gain by being unfaithful. Move closer to your man and get all the satisfaction you need, be content with what you have. (1 Tim. 6:6; Heb. 13;5). God bless you. Shalom.

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