True Love – What To Do Before Love Finds You


True Love – What To Do Before Love Finds You

True Love – What To Do Before Love Finds You

– Bisi Adewale

Before you locate the right person to marry or before the person finds you, you must not be idle, you must be busy doing something worthwhile with your life. In fact, you can meet your own life partner in the process of doing this.

1. Develop Yourself. Don’t wait for marriage, let marriage wait for you, so go ahead develop yourself. Go back to school, get the best education, enroll for that professional course, go for your masters, learn that trade, go for that training, work on yourself and become better. Nobody wants to marry a liability, be an asset, be a better person

2. Be in the service of God. The best way to live your youthful and singles days is to be in the service of God, to serve God and to make Him happy. You must never be useless in the house of your father. If you are not a worker in the house of God, you will end up as a worker of iniquity. You can be in the prayer band, choir, evangelism, drama, mission, counseling, visitation, welfare, Bible study department, etc by all means; get busy for the Lord.


3. Be in the youth department. No matter your age, in as much as you are single; don’t abandon the youth department of your church. Be part of them, if you want to enjoy God and his presence. Most singles that are advance in age do make the mistake of failing to fellowship with the youth in their church, this is wrong; you can even meet your own partner in the course of fellowshipping with other youth and singles. If singles must marry, they must mingle.

4. Right association. Walk in the company of good people, if you associate with wrong people, you may end up marrying one of them, the truth is, you are likely going to get marry from people around you

5. Purpose before Partner. Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? Self-discovery is said to be best discovery. You need to discover yourself and make the most of it, you can’t live as a substitute, you can work all your life in somebody else “farm” you can’t afford to be in the shadow. You need to know whom you are so as to know the partner that will suit your life and purpose. It is not everybody that will fit into your calling. I advise you to get a copy of our book 22 PILLARS OF SUCCESS for more on this.

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6. Learn how to make Money. Marriage needs money. You can’t steal it, you can’t beg for it; you need to learn to work for it.

Bisi Adewale is a family expert and president of college of marital success, He is an international conference speaker and an author of more than 40  books on marriage and family life, singles, love, sex and intimacy. He is the host of family T.V. program called Family Booster momments.  You can get more of his resources on www., E-mail:

True Love – What To Do Before Love Finds You

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