Marriage And Relationship – Wrong Reasons For Marriage

7 Feelings Couples Experience in a Successful Relationship
7 Feelings Couples Experience in a Successful Relationship

Marriage And Relationship – Wrong Reasons For Marriage

Marriage And Relationship – Wrong Reasons For Marriage

-Bisi Adewale

Many people want to get married, for various reasons, some of these reasons are wrong, in this write up; I will expose some of them to you so that you may not go into marriage because of them, for they lead to nothing but marriage with regret. They are

1. Gift: “He (she) who is greedy for gain, troubles his own house, but he who hates gift will live”.(Proverbs 15:27). Never marry a man/woman because of what you are getting from him/her, gift blindfolds, please run away from it, that gift may eventually be a “Greek gift”. Proverbs 15:27.

2. Money: The love of money is the root of all evil. (1 Timothy 6:10). Never marry somebody because of his/her wealth MONEY may turn to MOURNING if you marry because of it. Never trade your destiny with present pleasure, it is dangerous.

3. Election: Never allow your marriage to be based on “election” people around you may encourage you to marry a particular for one reason or the other, do not make the mistake of doing this without consulting God; for this might be dangerous, majority may not necessarily carry the vote in marriage, marriage is not election it is by revelation.

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4. Selection. This is a situation whereby, you just decide to check all brother/sister available one after the other to know which one you could marry without consulting God. i.e selecting the “best” candidate by trial and by error. This is wrong; marriage is not by selection it is by revelation.

5. Beauty. “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lords, she shall be praised”. Proverbs 31:30. Do not marry a person of his/her handsomeness or beauty; it is dangerous. Beauty will fade, you will know reality later.

6. Business. Some people decide to get married because they have been a good business partner. This is wrong; a good business partner may not be a good life-Partner, allows God to lead you.

7. Position. Many decided to get married to some people because of the present position of those people, for example, almost all sister in the fellowship will desire to marry the president of the fellowship, they have forgotten that A PRESIDENT OF THE FELLOWSHIP MAY NOT BE A RESIDENT OF HEAVEN. Never marry somebody because of his/her position. POSITION may turn to become OPPOSTION, run away from it.

8. Lust. Many singles cannot differentiate between sexual attraction (Lust) and love; hence they go into marriage based on sexual attraction (Lust) which is very dangerous. Any marriage that is based on lust will lead to regret. Many of our love professors” are lust possessor run away

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9. Infatuation. Infatuation is a foolish love, it is a based on outward appearance, it won’t last if you base your marriage on it, and you will regret it.

10. Talent. Many singles desire to marry a lady or fellow because of the person’s talent or ability that is the reason why we see many brothers scrambling to marry the praise worship leader or sisters running after the lead guitarist or Choir master. Marriage should not be based on what the man/woman can do; it should be based on who he is. Basing your marital decision on what a man can do is dangerous please run away from it.

11. Sex. Some people base their marriage decision on sex, you will hear them saying “I will marry her, she is good on bed”. This is dangerous; marriage is not all about sex, if you base your marriage decision on sex, you are likely going to regret it.

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12. Association. For the mere fact that somebody is close to you does not make him/her your partner, a good friend may not be a good spouse, take your time to seek the face of God, before you turn that friendship to a life time commitment. Never marry for wrong reason.




Marriage And Relationship – Wrong Reasons For Marriage


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