How Spouse Can Attend to Each Other


How Spouse Can Attend to Each Other
Number one need of a woman is attention.It is a pity we allow several things to take us away from our spouse. They were dealt with in the previous article. Here listed what married couples must do rekindle love and maximize their marriage.

How to attend to each other

• Spend time together doing what both of you enjoy

• Communicate effectively with each other

• Enjoy each other’s company

• Celebrate each other

• Flirt shamelessly with each other
• Connect each other

• Re-connect yourself to each other

• Be patience with each other

• Play as mates not as master/servant

• Ask each other, what do you want her to do for you?

• Talk about your childhood.

• Talk about your courtship days.

• Talk about your wedding day.

• Talk about your sex life.

• Talk about anything and everything.

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• Pick one day every week to talk, spend loving time together, play and connect.

• Spend your vacation period together.

• Spend public holidays together.

• Sneak out of your schedule just to be together.

• Eat-out together.

• Date each other.

• Go to the cinema, stadium, etc together.

• Go on spiritual retreat together.

• Spend time praying together.

• Spend .longer time in foreplay.

• Listen to sermon on tape together, then discuss what was preached.

• Travel together.

• Take a casual leave from the office just to be together.

• Be playful together

• Bath together

• Put the children to bed, spend longer time together, playing, talking, praying, or watching films together

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