Virtues of A Lasting Marriage Pt 2


Virtues of A Lasting Marriage Pt 2
11.Humour. Friends crack jokes and since marriage is an intimate or a romantic friendship, there must be houmour in it.

12.Laughter. Good humour goes with laughter, couples should learn to laugh heartily, they should allow the nerves to release by smiling and laughing.

13.Good communication. The habit of listening, clarification, positive reply, good timing, etc should be in communication in our marriage. No relationship can move forward without communication. That is why some couples with bad communication only live together like two goats will do because they don’t communicate i.e commune and relate.

14.Contentment. You will always see men that are richer than your husband, and women that are more beautiful than your wife. What will give you joy, make you to enjoy your marriage is to be content with what you have. Since you married the person you love, then love the person you married, do not complain.

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15.Submission. You cannot EXIST with a man unless you are ready to SUBMIT to him. Submission must be total, if marriage must be enjoyable.

16.Prudency. Good management of money is another powerful virtue for a successful marriage.

17.Diligence. Hardwork is the antidote of hard life. Marriage becomes a hard work when hard work becomes an enemy at home. Proverbs 22:29

18.Commitment. You cannot but make a mess of your marriage if you are not committed to it. Commitment to your marriage is the first course in the school of marital success.

19.Positive thinking. Learn to think positively about your spouse, marriage, future and home. The way you think is the way you are likely going to relate, act and react to your spouse. When things are not clear to you, please clarify.

20.Meekness. Meekness is the answer to anger. To enjoy the milk of your marriage, you must be MEEK, you must be gentle.

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21.Prayerfulness. Above all things, ceaseless prayer must become your habit at home. In fact, prayerless couples are students in the college of marital failure.

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