How to Make your wife happy


How to Make your wife happy

How to Make your wife happy

1.First, you have to know what makes your

wife happy. The things that you did to woo

her are not enough anymore. It is

different when you are living marriage day

to day. Does your wife get happy when you

vacuum, when you take out the trash, when

you shower? Keep track of what does it for



washing the dishes is high on her list,

wash the dishes. Make habits of the things

that make her happy.

3.Here is the big key: Do what makes her

happy without being asked. If you wash the

dishes after she reminds you to wash the

dishes, what good is that? Also, do not

make a big deal of what you are doing. Do

not say, “I will wash the dishes tonight;

you have had a hard day.” Even though that

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is good, and she probably has had a hard

day, it is better to do it as though it is

something you wanted to do. Do not let her

know you’re doing it for points. Just do

it. She will notice.

4.Be sensitive to changes. Through the

years, what makes your wife happy will

change. Continue to be observant. Continue

to anticipate. Continue to make her happy.

5.Marriage is made up of little things as

much as it is made up of big ones.

Flowers, romantic dinners and jewelry all

enhance relationship but so does balancing

the checkbook, picking up after you and

watching Oprah.

How to Make your wife happy

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