8 Principles of Business Success
8 Principles of Business Success


-Oba Samuel


To become an ideal husband is not by title or placement at work but a combination of  attributes of his personal life that earn him such a title.PORTRAIT OF AN  IDEAL HUSBAND

1.A LOVER OF GOD:An ideal husband don’t just love his wife,he is a lover of God and the things of God.He is in deep romance with God,Holy spirit and the Word of God.Such a man has shunned ungodly friends,sinful ways like smoking,alcohol,stealing ,womanising,among others .He is not just a church goer,but a committed worshipper and a worker leading his wife and children in the path of righteousness.PORTRAIT OF AN  IDEAL HUSBAND

2.FAITHFULNESS:This kind of husband has no darkroom,no skeleton in his cupboard,he is very plain.

His wife is at the state of rest because,he does not engage in extra-marital affairs,but stick to his wife alone.He does not hunt for sex outside his matrimony ;though,he is tempted but never yielded to it.This man has control over his sexual life and financially plain.PORTRAIT OF AN  IDEAL HUSBAND

3.PROVIDER:One of the major duty of a husband is to provide for the needs of  his immediate family.i.e wife and children. When a man cannot provide for his family,he is not an ideal man  but an ordeal to his wife and children.No matter how rich a woman may be she will always look up to her husband for provision.Unfortunately,there’re many irresponsible husband who cannot provide basic needs for their household.An ideal husband take it as a priority to provide security and basic needs like shelter,clothings,food and good leadership for his family ,atimes to his hurt.PORTRAIT OF AN  IDEAL HUSBAND

4.PROTECTOR:It is noteworthy that family can face any form of  attack at one point or the other but an ideal husband will ensure that his family were covered,safe and secured.Ideal husband is the chief security officer of the family.He protects his wife and children from inlaws and other external attack.Great husband also protect his family from starvation,nakedness and homelessness.

5.LOVING&CARING:In courtship,a man talks about love but in marriage,a woman wants to see the demonstration of love.Ideal man is not short of this.He is not just a husband by title but a loving and caring man.He demonstrate love practically to his wife and total care for his household.He does not forget his wife’s birthday,gives her helping hand in doing house chores.He is all out to make his wife happy and comfortable.

6.DOMESTIC SUPPORT:Ideal husband is domesticated. He is not too refined to help his wife in the kitchen and other house chores.To him,a woman must not be overburdened with the house-chores without quality support from the husband.So,he help to babysit;change diaper,cooking ,washing,sweeping and other domestic works.This make his wife look younger ,more beautiful and age gracefully.Such a man is the desire of every wife.PORTRAIT OF AN  IDEAL HUSBAND

OBA SAMUEL is a family and relationship coach.A seasoned speaker in singles and couples conferences.Happily married to his queen-Oluwakemi;a babe of rare qualities and they are blessed with Tripple G children.Connect me on Twitter @PastorOba .E-mail: obasamuel09@gmail.com